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Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., EVERYONE in the alumni directory is APPROACHABLE without needing to make a “friend” connection. Making connections allows you to create and organize your own personal network.

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Alumni Network, Let us Reconnect The Woodson Way! 

Welcome to the Exclusive HD Woodson Alumni Network Social Website.  As a graduate of HD Woodson HS, you belong to a premier network of graduates from 1972 to present.  No matter how many years, months or even weeks have gone by, this is your chance to reconnect with friends, former classmates and Alumni business owners. You will be able to share photos, stories and much more. We owe our success to Woodson for the school that it was and still is today. As a member, you will have the opportunity to renew old friendships, reconnect with former classmates and faculty, establish new ones, expand your professional network, and have access to events, news, alumni businesses, partners and exciting career prospects.  We encourage all alumni to seize the opportunity to build this network, socialize, and participate in lifelong learning events hosted by the alumni clubs in your area and outside your region. This is the continuation of a lifelong relationship with each other.  Our Objectives, Learn more.

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The Tower of Power

We all know the TOWER OF POWER was the best high school in the city and all The Classes was the cream of the crop! Well I will leave this statement open.   With the recent demolition of our alma mater this site was created. A much long wait for us. We are the Warriors.

Warrior Business Directory *

* Warrior – Why use the yellow pages when you can find what you need through the Alumni Business Directory. We encourage you to patronize the Alumni Businesses.  * Business Owner – This is a great opportunity to promote your business to a wider audience.  Our Alumni network, you’re given a great opportunity to connect with potential customers, build relationships by providing solutions to problems and useful information. We encourage you to place your Ad and showcase your business.

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Your Privacy

Your Privacy: All registered members of the HD Woodson Alumni Network are able to view your class and group/club profile. The HD Woodson HS Alumni Network is intended to promote and enhance communication between its alumni, faculty, and to facilitate communications between participants in the network. The HD Woodson Alumni Professional/Social Network Website is  available to all alumni and guest who join in the spirit of  H.D. Woodson. We are committed to maintaining your privacy when visiting our website. Learn more

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